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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dr. Pepper

So I was just watching TV waiting for Nishant when a Dr. Pepper commercial comes on.

It attracted my attention because:
A.) There was a guy buying Tampons for a girl waiting in the car.
B.) The background song was Meatloaf's I'd do anything for love (admit it, we all love Meatloaf)

I continue watching it, and the guy is put through a series of things, including folding the girl's underwear.. and then they are calmly watching t.v. and she trys to take his Dr. Pepper.. and wham.. He wouldn't do ANYTHING for love.

The commecial was so cute. It reminded me of Nishant and myself and how many things I put him through, this commercial makes me love him a little more if that's possible.


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