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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Welcome 2005

I just ended a long time hate for someone.
And this isn't a hate that I had ever wanted to begin with.
It was a hate that I was forced into because of my own petty differences.
When I finally stepped back from my narrow mind, I realized that we were the same.
Not same as in "we could be best friends" but same as in "why am I hating this person, she has done nothing to me and she should be admired"
I figured this part out about 2 weeks ago.
I sat for two weeks in thought on how to fix my wrongs.
I finally decided on e-mail and even though my e-mail was rough (at best) at first, she seemed to understand what I was getting at and made it easy on me.
Kind of like a truce.
It is nice to know that someone out there that could have very possibly hated you, now knows that you don't hate them, and vice versa.

And now to clarify for those who might think this is my roommate I'm talking about.
No.... this is by far nothing to do with my roommate.
In fact, I have new hate for her.
Imagine trying to brush your teeth next to two very,very smelly fish, who look as though they might die at any moment from the lack of fresh water in their bowls (I'm guessing chocolate brown is a nice way to put their water color) and you can't decide whether you are going to go nuts and spit your minty fresh toothpaste into the fish bowl to make it smell better, or just simply move the fish back into your roommate's room and hope they stay there.

I chose the second option after a very long thought process with toothpaste held in my mouth.


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