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Monday, January 03, 2005

Sometimes I want to scream at Purdue.
I really believe somewhere deep down in that cold heart of Purdue they actually want students to get what they want and graduate, but on some days (like this one) I feel like they would rather toy with me like a puppet.

At the beginning of last semester I compared my situation with Purdue's student office with something along the lines of running in circles around purdue's engineering mall like a rat on a wheel. I had to go to Knoy Hall, then Hovde Hall, then Beering Hall.. then Knoy, then Hovde, then Beering... Knoy, Hovde, Beering... Kno..,Hov...,Beer...(yes, i get secret pleasure from calling it "Beer Hall").
Around and Around we go...
Now I'm in a similar situation.
Seems that the Teaching Degree I want has a bunch of idiots running the classes and paperwork.
At the end of the semester I had a worried Professor e-mail me asking if I have turned in my Student Teaching form for Spring 2006...
Spring 2006...?
Yes, seems at Purdue things like this have to be done a year and a half ahead of time. The great thing about it is they don't tell the student!
Thank goodness I have such wonderful Professors!
And now, I want to test out of one of the teaching classes that teaches Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. So I find out the date, Wednesday January 5th. No place, no time. So I e-mail the TA, he tells me the place and time, but then tells me it is January 10th, the first day of classes.
I found that odd, to say the least.
This test out takes place from 9 Am to 11 Am on the first day of classes, so that means that I miss TWO classes on the first day.
Odd, very odd.
So since I have gotten that e-mail I've been trying to get ahold of the TA and the Professor, but guess what?
I am a rat in a wheel once again.


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