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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

If you have ever been in an art class then you'll hear them talk about True colors, and Similar colors. Kind of like your monitor settings, sometimes there is a "True Color 32 bit" option. What does this mean? It means that instead of getting a picture that has generally put the right color in the right spot, you get the right color in every spot it is suppose to be in. You can see something for what it truely is, you can't deny any color because even at a pixel level you see the places that are suppose to be light and the places that are suppose to be dark.

Similar colors are much different. You get the general sense of what the object or person is suppose to look like. From far away you can tell definitely what it is. When you get closer, the colors get muttled and confused. You can't really tell what you are looking at close up because the color is so general so you can deny what you are looking at.

All my life I've looked for someone to fit me. True love as they put it. Someone that was a mirror image of me, but since I didn't know what I looked like close up, I could never match it. Yesterday I learned an important lesson. I suddenly realize that true love wasn't about a mirror copy. (I can't stand myself half the time, why would I want someone like me?) It was about finding that one person who knew you like a painting. Someone who could see exactally where you are dark and exactally where you are light. No denying what they saw, only accepting what they saw.
You can see many paintings, but one day you'll turn unexpectally and find the first painting that makes sense to you, the one painting you see for it's flaws and you'll see for it's strengths but still think it the most beautiful painting ever.


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