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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

For the past 3 days Blogger hasn't let me into my blog.
I type in my password and it says it isn't valid.
Today however it works... go figure.

The past few days I've not done much, just relaxed. Saturday was my birthday so I went to see Heywood Banks (thank you my darling brother, Neil, for getting tickets for me!) and then Sunday I just did a movie marathon day with Nishant. Monday was suppose to be a working/getting books day, but it turned into a nap/moving Zack day. Zack is moving out to Seattle and then Nishant is flying there and then meeting Zack to help him unpack and to see Seattle with him. Nishant is moving out there at the end of this year so he's very happy he'll already have a friend out there.

Other than that, my life is boring.

I get a hair cut this weekend, I think I'm going to take off 4 inches. Won't that be a change. :)


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