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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Captain's Log: Star 5864

(just so you know, I hate that my blog has a title option)

Lazy day. It is raining and I just remembered my fantastic IKEA umbrella is in Nishant's trunk. I hope he remembers, at least someone will get use out of it. Okey, this post is here because I like the picture.... :)

Even though it is raining, I kind of feel zen-like. For some reason I feel more at peace today then I have in a long while. I have a steady job which I love, I have good relationships with all my family and friends, and most of my future looks bright.

A long time ago I got Tarot cards as a joke. They are fun to play with and read people's fortunes, so for a while I had them out a bit. They eventually got packed away. Over christmas break I found them and read my fortune. I got "The Lovers" card in my future area. I think it finally fits my life, because before it never fit.


Blogger Akshay said...

Your seem to be glowing again somebody bring out the Geiger Counter.
Well fun, new year new apartment.
Yes the future looks bright !

12:58 AM  

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