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Sunday, January 09, 2005

2005 has already proven to be an interesting year.
Saturday my roommate, who I had problems with, moved out.
So I have officially moved into my apartment now.
All my kitchen stuff that had to sit in my closet are now finding homes in cupboards.
Katie and I don't have to share one cabinet in the bathroom, we each have our own ("the roommate" had one to herself). Our bathroom in general doesn't look like something out of a children's horror film, with adults using rubber ducky toothbrush holders and balloon shower curtains. We got our counters cleared off and a new shower curtain.
The only thing that Katie and I really miss is a couch, but when my parents come up this weekend for my birthday, we will get one then.
All in all this could be a very good year.
Heywood Banks tickets were bought today. My birthday will be great because I've wanted to see him again for a very long time.
So for the first 15 days of January, life is good.


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