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Friday, December 31, 2004

Normally I'd run scared at this picture...

Puppy Love: Poor Bit-Bit. One day he's living the good life in a Malibu pet store with the rest of his pure-bred brethren. The next, he's become the living, breathing accessory for a baby-crazed pop tartlet. Sadly, in this bizarre family tableau, the cowering, naked Chihuahua is the best dressed of the bunch. In their first red carpet appearance as husband and wife, Britney Spears and her other living, breathing accessory, Kevin Federline, wear matching blah beige duds that veer from the dire to plain disastrous. Mrs. Federline chooses a form-fitting micro-mini lace dress that not only fails to flatter, but adds bulges and lumps to her figure. Kevin, meanwhile, tries to remind the Britster of happier times with a Justin Timberlake-ish hat, which he pairs with wrinkly suit and patchy stubble look apparently conceived after the semi-retired newlyweds viewed one too many reruns of "Miami Vice" at their Malibu mansion.


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