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Thursday, December 02, 2004

I bugged Nishant for many months to teach me some words in his mother tongue.
I finally got him too, and he taught me the words, "Mader chod."
At least I know what cab drivers are really saying.

Today was the first day that I felt self-satisfaction from learning those words.

Normally, for me, there is a rule of thumb for Purdue's campus walkers. If it is sunny and 80 degrees, they can wait for me. If it is thirty below and snowing (today it was 15 degrees F), then I can wait for them to cross a street or cross a road that I want to turn on or whatever.
This isn't true with everyone obviously.
So today I was walking to the Union to get my daily coffee when out of no where this car almost turns into me. Apparently she was desperate to get to the bookstore and thought running me over would be O.k.
I literally turned around walked back to the sidewalk I was on, and made an ushering motion with my hands while saying "Mader chod" in a nice tone. I couple of people who had to stop for this car too, looked at me funny, but as soon as the lady made her full turn, I was walking again.

I honestly felt self-satisfaction using those words instead of American words. The way they have to be said has so much more feeling in it. I didn't feel the need to bitch about it to my roommate when I got home or even tell anyone.

Those two words made the world right again. I have a better appreciation of how cab drivers operate now.

Movie of the day: Bend it like Beckam
- To bad I couldn't learn any more swear words from the movie.


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