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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hindi vs. Christian

I once had a girl,
Or should I say
She once had me.
She showed me her room,
Isn't it good?
Norwegian wood.

I'm mostly Swedish.
Nishant is all Indian.
I learn about his culture, he learns about mine. We both have a healthy respect for the others.

The other night at B&N I saw a book titled "Holy Cow." On the cover was an image like this.

I thought, "How awful, they just make fun of a culture they don't understand. They dressed up Shiva and added things to him (the one I had made him very feminine)." Then I thought about all the things like for instance the "Buddy Christ" that makes fun of our American "culture" or maybe I should say “religion” since we are the land of the free so to speak. So I picked up the book to read the back. (It was about a girl who went to India without learning about it, an airport beggar said she'd come back for love, and then the beggar was right. And eleven years later she flew back.)
It is the basis for any romantic comedy novel: little bit of magic, little bit of resistance, little bit of love, WHOLE new change of scenery, and wham you have a romantic comedy novel. So I am reading it now, not bad for that type of novel. At least this will give me a different perspective; I'm always craving for more knowledge of India. I'm hoping it won't disappoint me. I first read Arundhati Roy and then Michael Ondaatje and then Salman Rushdie, so this will be a little bit of a stretch, but Oh well, I’m excited nonetheless.


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