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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Every teacher you have ever had in your life has had to pass the “Praxis” exam. It is a requirement for all the blue states and about half of the red. Indiana happens to be in that margin so I have to take it.
My mom just recently took it and told me it wasn’t hard. So I felt pretty good about it. The night before the test I got out a “Praxis” book at Barnes and Nobles and kind of flipped through it. That was the studying I did for it.

The next day I got there at the building (after a half an hour searching for it!), and Nishant dropped me off. I thought to myself, “Here goes nothing,” and I walked into the building. On one side of the building there was a huge “Learning Center” for little kids, it was brightly painted and there were little kids everywhere. On the other side of the building was a long hallway. I proceeded down the hallway until I found the “Prometric Testing Center.” I walked into a gray, dismal room. I signed in and sat down in a very uncomfortable chair and started reading the required material to find out all I could about the test I was about to take. It wasn’t before long when the text became boring and I started looking around the room. I noticed the gray carpet, the gray plastic wall protector around the bottom of the wall, the light, light blue walls and the three; yes count them, three pictures which were the only things in the room other than the chairs. What a Looney bin I was sitting in.
The first picture was of pastel birds feeding their pastel young, in a very pastel tree.
The second picture was of a Thomas Kincaid rip off (yes, more horrible than the original).
The third picture was of an Ansel Adams photograph, which normally I love to stare at, but in this room made the feeling more desolate and more eerie.
I started noticing the people. I was only in the room with 4 other people.
One was a sumo wrestler Asian man who looked like he didn’t like soap and water. Very scary indeed. And the other three were all Asian women dressed in very bright colors (it made a nice contrast to the gray and blue) and who were all leaning over a study book for the test. Probably praying they would all pass the test and never have to marry the sumo guy at the end of the row. That’s what I was praying anyway.
I passed the test. It was very simple. It was an endurance trial, rapid fire of questions for 3 hours is never fun, but my intelligence held through it and I passed it with ease.
Thank god, I’ll never have to marry a sumo guy and I can be a teacher.

Movie of the day: The Breakfast Club
- Because I am one step closer to sending kids to detention too!


Blogger Anju said...

I forgot to mention also:
Good Luck Nishant!!!
(Interviewing with Amazon tomorrow)

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