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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

After madly opening presents all day and seeing Finding Neverland, Nishant and I crashed on christmas evening watching Harry Potter 3 which I got for christmas *yaha*

The next morning we dashed about getting the house in order and then taking off towards Chicago. Nishant made it back to Lafayette and then we (family) trampled on to Chicago. We stayed at The Palmer House, which made life easier. We were only a block away from the Chicago Art Museum and we spent a whole afternoon there. We also shopped like crazy and tried to hit up Second City, but they were sold out.
Then we left on Tuesday morning and headed off towards IKEA and bought lots of stuff there. I got a pretty new IKEA umbrella... Look for me on campus! haha
Looks sort of like this...without the Nikon and add the IKEA

And now I'm home again working. Gotta love Christmas break.
Next stop, December 31st at West Lafayette to see my one and only. We have reservations at La Scala and we are just going to enjoy each other's company.


Blogger kris said...

i got harry potter 3 for christmas too! i think i like the first movie the best though

7:58 AM  

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