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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Lately I think I would be ten times more stressed out if I didn't have a roommate named Katie.
With all of Nishant's things to do, spending time with him has become less and less of an easy thing to do. I suggest things like, "Let's just not spend any time today together so you can work all 18 hours of the day," but when it comes to actually standing behind what I say, it's a very hard thing to do. If you look at the post below, sometimes a few minutes spent during the day is all we see of each other.

Enters Katie, who has a boyfriend in CS also and who has been seeing him (Zack) for almost three years.
When I say things like, "It's so hard to stay apart all day." She immediately says, "Oh know the feeling, trust me, you get use to it, and things get much better." And since she is in the same shoes I'm in, I am almost instantly relieved.
She was actually a virtual stranger at the beginning of the year, which is strange to me now, because I spend a lot of time with her now. To think only two months ago, I talked to her only when she would ask me if her cat, Leo, was being good.
So thank goodness for Katie, who in the matter of months went from a stranger to a very good friend.

Movie of the day: Aladdin
-Because liking the same strange movies is important in any friendship.


Blogger kris said...

i like old disney movies....but alladin is one of my favorite new ones.
you have good taste!

7:22 AM  

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