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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Normally. I don't do post like these.
But this was my dearest brother Neil, responding to my dear parents about a forward from a very republican party. My brother is going to get a huge christmas gift.

"Thank you for passing this on, but I found Charlie's comments idealistic, and more than a bit naive. He branded all media as "left wing." I do believe that the media does lean toward the left, but in the context that he used it "left-wing" indicates an extreme bias on the part of the media. He then tries to offset the "liberal media" by commending Fox News. I do not know if you have ever watched Fox News, but if the general media is "left-wing" then Fox News could only be labeled as "Conservative Nut Jobs." Fox news's star journalist, Tony Snow was a became a journalist immediately after leaving the position as George W. Bush's primary speech writer... Fox News is a company ran by Roger Ailes, a veteran of Reagan's staff, and a considerable influence in Bush's 1988 campaign. Before Fox News Ailes worked as a producer for Rush Limbaugh's short lived TV show, and was fond of calling Clinton a "hippie" and "liberal biggot." Unbiased indeed. Andrew Kirtzman, a respected New York City cable news reporter, was interviewed for a job with Fox and says that management wanted to know what his political affiliation was. "They were afraid I was a Democrat." When he told them he was indeed a Democrat, "all discussion completely stopped." Perhaps the most famous example of their "Fair and Balanced" outlook (their slogan) was during the 2000 presidential campaign. One of their polls, instead of comparing Republicans to Democrats famous asked "Who would more likely cheat at cards, Bill Clinton or Al Gore?" This is the news format to which Charlie Daniels believes the rest of the media should conform?
He also reported that the "liberal news organizations'' were the "same people who told us that Saddam Hussein's Republican guard was going to be an all but invincible enemy and that our smart bombs and other weapons were not really as good as the military said that they were." I have spent the past hour trying to find an instance of any news organization reporting anything similar to that quote, and I have found one: Dan Rather, before this Iraq War, interviewed Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein told Rather that his Republican Guard was a force to be reckoned with. So because CBS did not censor Hussein's words, they are agreeing with them? Should they have cut that part of the interview out so as not to discourage our country? Indeed this is the liberal medias fault. How dare they, days before a war with a country, actually interview someone from that country, and then report what that representative said! The outrage!
Finally Charlie seemed to think that questioning how things are ran in Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq, and at home was implicitly a morally wrong thing to do. Yes, he may be correct that occurrences at Guantanamo Bay are blown out of proportion, and yes the Taliban are horrible people who are getting excellent care from the US, so that means that the media should leave those operations well enough alone? If the media questions how global incidents are handled, even if parts of it are blown out of proportion, I say God Bless Them. The reason freedom of speech was amended to the Constitution was because in the old world, the press had no way of questioning the actions of the government. It is the medias job, and duty, to question the status quo, to question how our authorities are running operations that could affect our lives. If the prisoners at Camp X-Ray are treated fairly, but even one prisoner is not, I hope that prisoner gets as much coverage as a trial at home would bring. If the Media looks the other way, then what will prevent abuse and mistreatment the second time? If there is a chance that the war in Iraq was an incorrect action, I hope the media blitzes on it, that is how the voters can question the government’s actions. If the media were to allow Bush's, or any politician’s government, both liberal and conservative, to attack a sovereign nation without question, our country would be in a very sorry place.

If you want the original e-mail, just post under this and I'll send it to you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do Firings, Paycuts, and general lay-offs warrant? I think Chocolate Chip Cookies would be nice

7:24 PM  
Blogger Akshay said...

Australian Rupert Murdoch owns of news corp and fox news.His politics are generally right-wing and pro-American. He is an ardent republican and is said to have refused a peerage from Queen Elizabeth II.
Therefore if you happen own multi-billionaire media tycoon with strong political beleifs I think you could have a person mouth piece to air those beliefs(fox news).

4:34 PM  

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