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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Nicolas Flamel

Two famous books: The DaVinci Code and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Or as the London version says, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The only Harry Potter book with a different name for American's.

What do these two books have in common? Nicolas Flamel.
The surprising thing:
The DaVinci Code never mentions him directly. I had to read a book about Decodeding The DaVinci Code before I found his name listed under the Grandmasters of the Priory of Sion. In case there are some sad folks out there who haven't read The DaVinci Code, The Priory of Sion is a secret society that holds the truths about the Holy Grail. The Grandmaster is the highest authority in this group with such famous past Grandmasters as Leonardo DaVinci, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, and Nicolas Flamel. Flamel was a Grandmaster from 1398 - 1418 some 600 years ago.
In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Nicolas Flamel was the only maker of the Philosopher's Stone and at the time of the book, was some 650 years old.
The whole time I read up on either book, I had the nagging question of "Who was Nicolas Flamel?"
Read what the link has to offer, I found it fascinating.

Movie of the day: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
- Watch it again after realizing what you just did.


Blogger Akshay said...

Thats an awesome connection ... I love harry potter and I love anything by dan brown , great connection

5:16 AM  
Blogger Akshay said...

Thanks Anju for the link .Robert Langdon is most definatly one my favourite fictional charecters. Enjoyed it thouroghly..

1:15 AM  
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