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Friday, October 01, 2004

It always cracks me up. Every time I walk into my room, it seems as if something is moved or added to my room. Whether it is my rug curled up, or my curtains hanging sideways, or little balls rolling around on the ground, or once I even found what I thought was a real mouse under my bed.
Today when I walked in, there was a box sitting at the door. A very low box that says "Katie Speake" on the side.
As I walked into the room, Leo shot out from my bed (he likes to do this often) and crouched into the box.
He crouched and just stared at me while I moved about the room. I honestly felt like a lion was watching me waiting to pounce on prey. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, so I threw in the box the real/fake mouse.
Leo shot down the hall into the living room.
And I thought to myself, "Neurotic Cat."


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