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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Oprah = Confucius

Who was Confucius? Anyone know? I always like to think of Confucius as an ancient Oprah.

History this year is going to be interesting. (History 240 - East Asia)

I finally got my room together! Internet working, silk curtains hung, clothes upacked, decorations hung and my masterpiece, my bed, put together. My bed is gorgeous, my dad and I spent all summer working on it together and I've never been so happy with furniture. It is Ash wood with a dark stain on it, it's absolutely gorgeous, I'll show you a picture sometime soon.

Leo (our apartment cat) is awesome. A complete lover who enjoys silk curtains as much as I do. He enjoys sleeping under them, I think he likes the silk just slightly touching his fur. :) He too, loves my bed, he sometimes is let out of Katie's room and then makes a b-line for my room. Ah.. its nice to have my tastes appreciated by someone so perceptive. haha!


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