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Friday, September 10, 2004

It's sad how black and white people can be.
If someone isn't doing something your way, then its obviously the wrong way.
What a sad thought.
That makes you the end all be all benevolent being.
I think that is unfair.
Why not think, if they are doing it different, I wonder why?
I've had friends in the past who have shown each side to this argument.
One friend (because of religion) could not wear jeans, could only wear skirts. Did that mean that I was going to hell? No, she said, "Just because you aren't in the same way of life as me, doesn't mean that you are a bad person."
What a nice thought, there ARE different people in this world!
Second friend, had very strict parents, and when she found out that my parents let me drink wine and such underage and in High School no less, she went nuts on me. She said, "Do you know how horrible your parents are for letting you drink underage!"
Tell me, if I didn't get hurt and I didn't get sick, what was the harm in it? If anything it helped because I lost my curiosity to go out and try alcohol in a different setting. How does that make me worse?
Maybe for those of you out there, who are black and white, try to look at the gray area. Maybe think to yourself, "I'm not 100% right all the time, I am wrong occasionally" Believe me, it might open a lovely world where you don't that to run on constant fear that you might be wrong sometime in the future. Just admit your wrong sometimes now, and you won't worry so much about the future.

And I admit, this post could have several flaws to it.

Have a great day!


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