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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I saw Annette last night! I was so happy!
We talked for 2 hours straight (lots of months to catch up on), and then Nishant came and we made plans to get together next weekend sometime. :-D
I love Nishant to death, but I needed the female "Oh my god, are you serious?" comments. He understood (not that he had a choice ;)) and I excitedly tried to summarize 2 hours of conversation to 10 minutes so he wouldn't suffer. haha. I wouldn't have wanted to hear every little detail of 2 hours of conversation either, but I have a hard time telling the gist of things, I'm female, I pay attention to detail. ;)
I missed Annette's complete and utter understanding of my world. It was nice to talk to her at last.


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