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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I was told, by my boss, that I need to move the soap bars.
Fine, the soap cutter needs to go back to Indy.
No problem.
I remove the bars of soap that you can cut into slices.
Then I remove the huge soap cutter.
Stuggled it in, right past the nightly houseman, Chad.
Go to the front, help a customer.
I walk back and stand nearby the soap cutter copying a sheet for a customer.
A few minutes later Chad walks up to me and says, "Robert (the boss) wants me to remind you about the soap cutter."
I look over pointedly at the soap cutter, inches from his elbow, and then look back at him and stare.
He says, "Do you have a problem or something?"
I point.
He jumps back, and loudly proclaims "Holy Shit, how did that get there?"

Some people just don't get it.


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