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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making Me Live in This Dump

I just got done watching Kill Bill Volume 2 and at the very end they have played a song that I have loved since 2000 and no one seems to ever have heard of.
Shivaree - Goodnight Moon.
I'm glad even if the movie was crazy, they had good taste in music. :)

"There's a blade by the bed
And a phone in my hand
A dog on the floor
And some cash on the nightstand
When I'm all alone the dreaming stops
And I just can't stand

What should I do I'm just a little baby
What if the lights go out
And maybe and then the wind just starts to moan
Outside the door he followed me home

So goodnight moon
I want the sun
If it's not here soon
I might be done
No it wonÕt be too soon 'til I say goodnight moon."


Blogger deborah said...

Kill Bill is a great flick. The music as you say is even better.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Akshay said...

I agree , Kill Bill is a great movie ... and music like all Quentin's film if ofcourse fantastic I especially like feast for friends... the doors

11:22 AM  
Blogger kris said...

i love kill bill 1 and favorite scenes are: driving in black and white, buried alive, the strip club owner and at the very end. and it does have such a good soundtrack as all of quentin tarentino seem to have. my favorite:pulp fiction...

7:16 PM  

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