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Sunday, August 08, 2004

I just got done watching a Law and Order episode with my parents.

The lady who was arrested in the end, had a triple homicide she confessed too.

How did this come about?

Her husband, tried to divorce her and leave her pennyless, he had a cayman island account (under a friend's name) and she couldn't get any of his 15 million.

She planned for months and months.

Found the friend, staked out his house constantly, wearing adult diapers so she wouldn't have to leave, wearing different disguises, found his every move out...
Found out where he kept the bank numbers (in a little black "note or key" book).
Found a cop who would sleep walk at night.
Moved in next door to him.
Took care of him.
Finally she took him out one night, killed the guy, took the book, and killed two more to cover up the first murder, and left the cop to sleep walk around a subway.

She gets her husband out of jail (he was in there for hiding the money) and says she wants to reconcile.

She (in the end of the conversation) pours out a glass of wine for the guy and all that comes out is ashes, she says, "There are your bank numbers."

Women are the most calculated creatures on earth.

Nothing matters but feelings, not even 15 million.


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