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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I have this woman in my class, she is an older woman, who says she's on her third career.
She is very round. Some people are fat, some people have layers that sit on top of other layers which then sit on other layers, and some people are round.
She reminds me of the girl off of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You know the one, who ate the gum and then turned into a blueberry?
This lady at first I had no problems with, she introduced herself to the girl Lisa, and the girl Sarah (the girls I sit with)and then myself.
So Wednesday rolls around, and we have a first "real" class time.
Every time the professors (I'm in two classes with her) make a point, she agrees in some way.
Example: Professor: (talking to the class) So in 2003, after 13 years of technological advancement, the military now has successfully made missles that can hit a target 100% dead on (no pun intended).
Her: That is so amazing.
Professor: So the technology field has advance tremendously since 1990.
Her: Mmmmm Hmmm
Professor: This is why it is important that we keep ourselves updated for our upcoming years as a teacher.
Her: I agree.

After so many "Mmmm Hmmms" and "I so agrees" I'm ready to start shouting "AMEN" just to piss her off.

Speaking of AMEN, there is a guy right now making a complete ass out of himself by standing in the middle of the engineering square preaching (more like shouting) about how there is only one true God and we are all going to hell because we are going to class not to church.
It also looks as if someone has thrown some liquid at him and there is not an officer of the law standing a few feet away.
Moral of this story:
People are idiots.


Blogger Celestina said...

I met your page by clicking "next blog" on the top of my blog... I do it sometimes, and there are always different blogs!!!
I'm sorry you don't understand spanish!!! I thought that many americans understood because of the latin-american inmigration!!!
Can u tell me what do you study?? Then I would Understand more about your blog... I really need to improve my english cos' i want to go to Australia after I finish my career (journalism).
Keep in contact

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