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Monday, August 02, 2004

I bid and won an ebay item today.
It was a thrilling victory.
I started about a month ago looking into India fabrics and decorations and discovered a world I didn't know existed.
Things that I loved about the "Moulin Rouge" decorative style, were just rip offs of the Indian decorations today.
I opened a world that I cannot close.
Hours are spent looking on websites and ebay for things like, "India wall hanging," or "Dhurrie Rugs."
Every time I find a pillow I like or a curtain that is perfect I think to myself, "How did I not know this was here all along? Why didn't anyone tell me? This should be mine already!"
I'm so blinded by American "Culture" that I cannot see anything else.
Well, the world is open.
I won beautiful blue and gold curtains today.
Sigh. :)


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