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Thursday, August 19, 2004

A few days ago I was eating in a chinese restaurant.
I opened my fortune cookie and found my fortune to be "Carve your name on your heart and not on marble."
Nishant and I had many ideas on what this could mean, like, "Find your self esteem from who you are and not what you own." But we could never really come up with anything significant, that just fit.

Yesterday Nishant and I drove to my home and spent the day building and staining my bed. Staining wood is a very sticky process with lots of mess. Afterwards my mom decided to have a "Family photo" which included Nishant and my brother's girlfriend Chelsea. Nishant and I were a mess, but we had it taken anyway.

On the way home from that adventure, we started driving into very dark skies. I decided I needed coffee so we stopped at a Starbucks. The entire crew was standing outside staring at the sky. When asked if we could get some coffee they said that a tornado had touched down and was headed for us and that we should probably take shelter. Nishant and I stayed at the Starbucks for probably a half an hour and finally headed north again to our home.

Over all its been an interesting two days.


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