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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Thank You India (Alanis Quote)

After spending about 3 months with Nishant I started to realize how little I really know about India. This made me start to wonder about where my significant other came from. Feeling like he didn't want to really open up (he's the more slient type, and I'm the more "Let-me-tell-you-about-my-entire-life" sort of person)I decided to turn to my favorite pastime, reading. I worked at Barnes and Noble at the time so all the books I bought were 30 % off (Women reading this will understand the significance of "% off", For the Men out there reading this, let's just say Chocolate has the same effect on us.). So I ended up buying 12 books dealing or relating to India.
I started to read "Midnight's Children" by Rushdie, after two chapters I got frustrated with the whimsical style of nonsensical wording. I switched to Roy's "The God of Small Things" it is by far one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. I learned more about Indian Culture from that book than I ever would have thought to ask questions on. I was so excited by this, I had Nishant read it to explain whatever else I hadn't gotten. Now I see more and more of India in my everyday life. I understand when I read things online about it, Ghandi quotes mean more to me now, and I am ashamed of what America takes for granted. America is based on looks. It is a superficial, "Barbie" country. And I've only scratched the surface.

I'm starting Anil's Ghost (takes place in Sir Lanka "Teardrop of India") and already I saw things about it I wouldn't have gotten before. I'll let you know how it goes. Any suggestions on more books?

On Another note:
Dumb Questions Customers ask:
Do you allow children to stay in the hotel?
You mean the front gate will allow us to go in and out of the park? (I do not work in a prision!)