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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Life is Beautiful

Well I'm a happy girl.
Nishant is moved out.
He's miles away from his ex-girlfriend, who lived 2 doors down (yikes!).
He's in a pretty area right now, not a pretty apartment.
He's going to be moving into a pretty apartment after a month.
I'm going to be moving into a pretty apartment on the other side of campus.
Annette, Jordan, Nishant and I are going to go to chicago for a trip.
Annette and I have decided on a once a week cooking get together with the four of us.
Nishant has upgraded that to a poker night with the dinner.
Soon I'll be back in West Lafayette.
And Tomorrow I'll see Nishant.
Life is good.

On a lighter note:
The hostess in the dining room wore red, white, and blue. RED WHITE AND BLUE, everywhere, I'm fairly sure her underclothes were that color too. She had a hat that literally lit up and flashed on and off. She had a bandana that said Made in the USA on it. She had RED pants, a flag shirt, and flag earrings. I was amazed someone who wasn't a hooker could wear so much red.
While I was standing there giving her change, the restaurant manager, Jim, walked by. He took one look at her and said, "I think your the reason why we were bombed."


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