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Monday, June 28, 2004

So happy together...

List of things that make Anna happy:
- Good movie (Go see Fahrenheit 9/11)($6 bucks)
- Vanilla Chai (Yah, Vienna Coffeehouse)($3.44 bucks)
- Fast Dinner (Portobello and Spinach Pizza) ($7.69 bucks)
- Scary Movie (Monster; still troubled) ($2.12 bucks/ and no late fees)
- Cigarettes (Cloves only please) ($5.79 bucks)
- Moving Van (U-Haul) ($19.95 bucks)
- Spending only 44.99 Makes Anna happy.
-(Admit it, you thought I was going for a cheesy priceless commercial.)


Blogger kris said...

about farenheit 9/11: youngs soldiers were talking about the song they listen to to pump themselves up on their way to kill their enemies.
the song played and all you see are dead babies and a parent who's carrying his dying child who's pants were soiled from being so scared. that's when i started to cry.

6:43 PM  

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