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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I can't remember when...

Women today are very calculating.
It's by nature.
Years of oppression and encouragement from fellow females makes us this way.
I'm not saying I'm oppressed. I have a wonderful male influence in my life. My father, grandfather, brother, and boyfriend are all excellent examples of how a male should behave.
Yet I'm still calculating.
I see one female who wants to harm my brother... my father... my grandfather... and especially my boyfriend... and I start watching her, plotting her movements, her actions, what she does during the day, when she's home... etc. etc.
Every female who reads this knows what I'm talking about.
Its like a switch that is just suddenly switched on when the warning light goes off.
Society sees the male as the one who protects it's family.
How this came about I have no idea...
If you look at the wild and you see in most cases the female being the one to protect her family.
Its just natural animal instinct for a female to protect her love ones.
I couldn't find one female not to agree with me on this.


Blogger Sooz? said...

So agree.

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